Border Crossers

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Based on a number of lessons which dealt with border crossers along the US and Mexican border I began to probe into the matter of crossing borders between subjects, between cultures and crossing a border into a new area called EAA, which might confusingly be seen as the initials of my name, but is the German acronym for the use of English as a means of instruction. The lessons that have been analyzed should cast a light on the nature of instruction in a foreign language and find a place for history taught in English, for the teacher and students who meet the challenge and for the methodology employed. In order to achieve this goal the subject matter was looked upon from the angle of the history teacher, the EFL teacher, the teacher involved in interdisciplinary projects and most important of all from the point of view of the students who were encouraged to participate in this quest for a new identity.

Autor/in: Eva Annau
Durchführende Institution/en: Bundeshandelsakademie und Bundeshandelsschule, Wien 22 ( (922418)
Fach/Fächer: Geschichte; Deutsch; Geografie

Dateien: Langfassung